Foaming Hand Soap /Sanitiser 1.2L wall dispenser filled

Foaming Hand Soap /Sanitiser 1.2L wall dispenser filled
Foaming Soap and Sanitiser combination - cleans your hands and kills 99.99% of germs at the same time.

Be twice as sure that when you wash your hands you are achieving a hygenic wash.

Gentle on hands - D-Germ moisturises as you wash, will not dry out your hands.

Rinses off freely, with no sticky residue.

We will supply wall bracket for first orders. This wall dispenser is filled with product. Dispenser is easily removed from bracket and replaced with a new dispenser and pump.
  • Kills 99.99% of germs
  • Independantly approved as an hygenic and surgical hand wash
  • Sanitises the areas often missed by even the most vigilant hand washing
  • Works in just 15 seconds
  • Clean rinsing, with a fresh after feel. A pleasure to use!
  • Contains moisturisers to help prevent hands drying.

Antibacterial soaps often require the user to rub onto their hands for at least 60 seconds before washing off to activate the antibacterial agents. D-Germ Hand Wash contains a sanitiser to kill the germs instantly!


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1.2 Litres
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