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Sanitiser for when you are out and about.
  • Hand Sanitiser Alcohol Gel Evap 60ml - Qualchem
    E-VAP is an alcohol based clear hand sanitizing gel which will yield a near kill of most common bacteria.


    - Contains 72% ethyl alcohol
    - Contains skin moisturizers to stop hands drying
    - out with regular use
    - Leaves hands feeling soft, refreshed and sanitised after use
    - NZFSA Approved C54


    E-VAP is formulated to evaporate and leave hands dry and sanitised without the use of a towel or air dryer.


    Apply through a dispenser or pump pot, on to dry hands. Rub hand together and allow 15 seconds to air dry. Do not rinse. Keep away from fire or flame.

    1 x 60ml flip top
    NZ$ 5.85 60ml
    NZ$ 6.73 incl GST
  • Hand Sanitiser - 250ml portable - D-Germ
    The Nano Silver multipurpose sanitiser is made of powerful NANO SILVER TECHNOLOGY which offers disinfecting and sanitizing capabilities through its antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

    Silver has been used for fighting germs and preventing infections for centuries. The nano form (silver ions Ag+) of this material is becoming even more popular due to easy applicability and highly effective antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that have been shown to kill 650 kinds of pathogen.

    Our 50ppm Nano Silver Spray is a deionized solution that contains millions of nano silver particles that are less than 8nm. The size of a virus is between 15 to 150nm and, the size of bacteria is between 350 to 1000nm, the viruses and bacteria are significantly larger than the silver particles (Ag+) therefore, can freely penetrate the pathogens and kill them. For that reason, silver compounds have been used in external preparations such as antiseptics.

    50ml spray bottle - 320 applications
    NZ$ 10.50 250ml spray bottle
    NZ$ 12.08 incl GST
  • Hand Sanitiser Spray - 50ml portable - D-Germ

    Alcohol free and fragrance free spray hand sanitiser. Kills 99.99% of germs gently and effectively. Moisturises with every application.

    50ml portable spray bottle.

    Over 120 applications per 50ml bottle.

    NZ$ 5.95 50ml
    NZ$ 6.84 incl GST

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