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Reduce staff and student illness by promoting good hand washing practices and using hand sanitisers. 

Every day our hands come into contact with a multitude of different types of germs. Everything we touch, every time we shake hands, cough and sneeze we are transferring germs. Infectious diseases are passed on through human contact (either directly or indirectly). Washing hands correctly is the single most important thing we can do to prevent ourselves getting sick.

Not sure which is the right product for you? Choosing the right hand sanitiser and hand wash can be confusing so contact us for helpful, impartial advice on the right options for your business.

We offer cost effective, competitive pricing with products ranging from economical to premium brands – we are bound to have something to suit your needs!

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Hand Sanitisers are a quick and easy way to kill germs when you are out and about!                             


Hand washing - it's time consuming but vital to maintaining good health in ourselves and others around us. 

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