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Hand washing - it's time consuming but vital to maintaining good health in ourselves and others around us. Hand Sanitisers are fast and effective and kill 99% of germs. Using Hand Sanitizers and promoting good hand washing practices will reduce staff and student illness.Foaming hand soap, washing hands

As well as a selection of Hand Sanitisers, we have Industrial Hand Cleaners, Foaming Soap, Liquid Soap, Bulk Fill and Pouch Systems for portion control. Hand cleaners to suit all types of businesses.

Every day our hands come into contact with a multitude of different types of germs. Everything we touch, every time we shake hands, cough and sneeze we are transferring germs. Infectious diseases are passed on through human contact (either directly or indirectly). Washing hands correctly is the single most important thing we can do to prevent ourselves getting sick.

 When we are on the go, hand washing is often not possible. Therefore it is important to carry a hand sanitiser and ensure you use it before eating or touching your face to reduce the risk of needlessly transferring germs.

 Soap and hand sanitisers come in many different shapes and sizes to suit different situations. It is important to choose the right soap for you.

  You may be looking for soap that is:  

Fragrance free
Solvent free
Hard working

  Whether you are in a childcare centre, school, medical centre, office, industrial site, gym shop, workshop or just want something for at home, there will be something here to suit your needs.   





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