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Insinc Products is a family owned business operating in Red Beach, on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast, Auckland.

Our History

Traditionally alcohol has been used as the base for many hand sanitising products.  If you suffer from dry hands, ezcema or dermititis you will know that this is exacerbated by the drying effect of the alcohol so we looked around to see if we could find something without alcohol in it. 

We found quite a good product in America, but felt we could improve up on it.  At the same time, public awareness of the need to use in sanitisers in both the work place and home was increasing and sales of sanitisers were also rising.  We decided to create our own brand and make it here in New Zealand - D-Germ was born!

A natural progression from selling D-Germ Hand Sanitiser and D-Germ Hand Sanitiser/Soap combination was to enhance our service by offering a full range of cleaning and hygiene paper products. We understand that one type of soap or sanitiser won't fit every situation so we have complied a range of soap to meet all needs.

We are passionate about our environment and have introduced a range of environmentally friendly products because we firmly believe that every little thing we do makes a difference.

Our products and suppliers

We weren't prepared to compromise on quality so took the time to find products that exceed our customers needs while not costing the earth. Stephanie Lowe, Director, Insinc Products

Personal service

Being a family owned business, personal service is a top priority for us, so if you have any questions about the products we offer please call us on 0508 467 462.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Stephanie Lowe
Owner & Sales Manager

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